VS rejuvenation system

VS rejuvenation system is special for observing face and aging process comprehensively and approaches to rejuvenation by following changes due to the aging process: from changes on bone and muscle level due to their tone and volume loss, to changes in skin freshness and firmness as consequence of fat tissue loss and aging of superficial skin layer due to decreased collagen production.

What makes VS system special, beside the approach that affects on all aging levels, is psychological aspect where the treatment plan is not only based on anatomical needs, but by patients requests regarding the spots that concern him most.

VS system combines different techniques and materials – from hyaluronic acid of various density, to Silhouette Soft lifting threads and Ellanse collagen booster.

VS System gives volume, loose tissue and muscle suspension and collagen production stimulation.


Before the procedure the treated area is being disinfected and anesthetized with topical anesthesia – in cream.


VS system implies detailed analysis of current situation and aging process with every patient, as well as recognizing patients priorities when it comes to rejuvenation.

Given that different techniques, approaches and materials are combined, individual plan is being made for each patient and can be done in one procedure or few with few weeks pause between each.

Recovery and results

No matter the rejuvenation plan and used materials, patient can return to normal activities right away. Reduced mimic is recommended when it comes to threads as well as avoiding sun and solarium few days after treatment no matter the procedure..

There is possibility of swelling and bruises.

Results are immediately visible but considered final after few weeks, when complete VS Rejuvenation System is completely done.

Possible complications

Beside temporary swelling and bruises all severe complications can be avoided if the procedures are done by experienced doctor.

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Dr Vladimir Stojiljkovic

Mr sc. med. Vladimir B. Stojiljkovic is a pioneer in regenerative surgery in our country – with scientifically based approach he gained a lot of experience in fat transfer, stem cells and growth factors extracted from thrombocyte enriched plasma. Hi was first in our country to do a natural breast enhancement, using patients own fat tissue and BRAVA method for enlargement.

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