Plastic, reconstructive and aesthetic surgery

During fifteen years long career md Vladimir B. Stojiljkovic dedicates his clinical and research work to aesthetic face and body surgery, developing signature techniques with innovative materials, combined with active educational role in workshops conducted for colleagues - dermatologists, plastic surgeons and dentists, focused on implementation of minimally invasive face procedures, insisting on knowledge of surgical face anatomy and changes connected to aging process.

estetic surgery dr vladimir stoiljković

Vladimir B. Stojiljkovic, MD

Mr sc. med. Vladimir B. Stojiljkovic is a pioneer in regenerative surgery in our country – with scientifically based approach he gained a lot of experience in fat transfer, stem cells and growth factors extracted from thrombocyte enriched plasma. Hi was first in our country to do a natural breast enhancement, using patients own fat tissue and BRAVA method for enlargement.

Bigger surgical procedures dr Stojiljkovic conducts in best surgical hospital specially chosen to ensure maximal security and comfort for patients.

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"Nothing makes a woman more beautiful than the belief that she is beautiful."
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