Silhouette Soft threads

Silhouette Soft non-invasive lifting method with Silhouette Soft threads, ensures support under the skin, thus activating collagen fiber production and uplifting skin and tissue tones, becoming more and more popular. Such threads are used for central and lower face lifting, as well as brows and neck lifting, and can be combined with other rejuvenating techniques – fillers, botulinum toxin, fat grafting.


There is no special preparation necessary, besides the common dezinfection and topical anesthesia – in cream, for treated parts. Before the intervention it is important to inform the physician in case you have any specific condition or use any theraphy.


Silhouette Soft threads are being placed in specific underskin layers with a thin needle so there is no need for incisions. After thread placement they are retracted to a desired position followed by mild compression by the physician to create the desired lifting effect, so the patient can also participate with the doctor and say when he is satisfied.

Recovery and results

It is possible to experience hypercorrection in treated areas along the first few days after the procedure, until everything sets in its place. Also, in the first few days wrinkles and dimples may be visible in places where threads were placed, disappearing within a few days. Swelling and bruises may appear but they fade within 5 days after the procedure. It is important to avoid strong moves and physical activities after the procedure, as well as to ensure sleeping on the back and gentle touches while taking of the make-up or using moisturizing cream. The results are imediately visible but the final result can be considered only in a few weeks, once the swelling disappears and collagenation process begins. 

Possible complications

Beside swelling and bruises, slight tighting feeling and temporary numbness may be noticed, dissapearing within a few days after the procedure.

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