Plasmalifting is a non-surgical lifting method that combines mesothreads to make a „supporting net“ due to its placement method and strong effect on the new collagen fiber production, with PRP – growing factors from blood plasma enriched with thrombocytes to encourage rejuvenation from the inside. Thanks to such a combination, lifting effects are long lasting and the skin regenerates from the inside. Mesothreads are applicable on the upper, central and lower part of the face and neck.


Given that the procedure is done with local anesthesia, there is no special preparation except blood extraction for filtration process and further application. Before initiating, the treated area is desinfected and anesthesied by topic, cream, anesthesia.


Mesothreads are placed as a „supporting net“ under the skin in parts needing more lifting and the PRP serum is injected. The procedure itself is painless, although thread retraction may feel unpleasant.

Recovery and results

A few days following the procedure, sleeping on the back is required as well as avoiding harsh touches, strong face movements, solarium and sauna. Few days during the recovery period swelling and bruises are possible. Partial results are visible immediately, as final results are expected in a few weeks to 2 months period from the procedure.

Possible complications

Apart of possible bruises on the injected spot and swelling that disappears in a few days, it is possible to experience mild inconvenience such as tightness and numbness, disapearing in a matter of days.

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