Outer labia correction

Outer labia correction can be done in terms of enlargement or reduction of labia, and most often candidates are patients with asymmetric labia shape or candidates for rejuvenation due to aging process.


As there is no need for general anesthesia, necessary analysis are required by the surgeon and the anesthesiologist – mostly common laboratory tests.


In case of outer labia enlargement, it is done by fat grafting – collecting fat tissue from body parts with exsessive fat and after processing, the fat is combined with PRP (growing factors from blood plasma) and injected in the labia area.

In cases of labia reduction, sometimes mini liposuction is necessary in case of excessive fat, followed by surgical excessive skin removal. Sometimes both techniques are combined.

Recovery and results

Few weeks after the proceedure it is important to take special hygienic care of the treated area, and avoid all activities that cause sweating or heating. Sexual apstinency is also required in the first few weeks.

Results are imediately noticed and considered permanent once the swelling disappears.

In cases of labia enlargement sometimes it is necessary to repeat the procedure due to  unpredictable fat resorption.

Possible complications

Swelling and discomfort while urinating due to temporary swelling are possible.

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Dr Vladimir Stojiljkovic

Mr sc. med. Vladimir B. Stojiljkovic is a pioneer in regenerative surgery in our country – with scientifically based approach he gained a lot of experience in fat transfer, stem cells and growth factors extracted from thrombocyte enriched plasma. Hi was first in our country to do a natural breast enhancement, using patients own fat tissue and BRAVA method for enlargement.

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