Nose correction – Rhynoplasty

There are numerous corrections that could be made on the nose (on bone, cartilage or the nasal division – the septum). The most important thing is the absolute awareness of the patient regarding the desired change (the length, width, shape, the hump, nose tip...). Patients are recommended to carefully look at their face, so they can decide together with the physician the most indicated modification.


Given that surgery is done in total anesthesia, all pre-operative tests recommended by the surgeon and anesthesiologist are required – in most cases those are laboratory tests with internist examination and ECG. The procedure is recommended when the patient has completed the age of 18 (it is considered that by that age the formation of cartilage and bones has completed; earlier surgery brings risk of deformities).


The surgical procedure is made through nostrils, so there are no visible incisions. In special cases and requests, the outside incision is necessary so the patient is prepared and discusses it with the surgeon. At the end of the surgery, tampons are placed in the nostrils and are mobilized with plasters or gypsum mask.

Recovery and results

The process of wakening from the anesthesia can be very unpleasant due to tampons that are placed inside the nostrils, which makes breathing almost impossible and only through mouth. There is an unpleasant feeling as the lack of air. Mouth and throat are constantly dry and there is a tingling sensation in the throat. Duration of such symptoms is individual (usually a few hours, but there are patients that have it until the tampons are removed). The tampons must remain in nostrils for 1-5 days. There is swelling of different intensity in eyes and nose zone, depending on the type of procedure and tissue sensibility. If there was a correction of bone part with bone breaking, swelling is larger and appears in the form of optical glasses (dark purple bruises at the beginning, getting a pale yellowish shade through time). Strong swelling remains for 7-10 days. There is no pain after the surgery. There is a possibility of headache due to oxygen deficit because of the tampons. A 24 hours rest in bed and special compresses for the treated area during the first 3 days will help to reduce the swelling and speed up the recovery. Most of the patients consider that this surgery will completely change their lives, especially those with visible deformities and/or slight to bigger deviations. Final results are visible within a few months and during that period it is most important to avoid any eventual dislocation or physical impacts in that area.

Possible complications

Apart from usual postoperative swelling and bruises, there could appear swelling in the surrounding tissue. In extremely rare cases, the whole deformity could not be straightened or corrected in one procedure, so there is a need for repeated surgery and a perfect result.

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