Liposuction and liposculpture

Liposuction considers body reshaping by removing excess fat tissue from body parts – thighs, hips, back, upper and lower stomach, inner part of thies, lower leg… Liposculpture understands processing of the removed fat tissue and injecting it in body parts in fat deficit – such as buttock, breasts… or in places needing correction of wrinkles, lips and other body parts.


As the surgery is usually done in general anesthesia, all recommended tests by the physician and the anesthesiologist are required – mostly laboratory tests with internist examination and ECG.


Fat is aspirated through minor dimples with canula. Canulas should be in different diameter and length (2-6 mm) to extract fat from all layers. The aspiration process (fat tissue retraction or fat grafting) can be easier by injecting a saline solution with adrenaline to prevent bleeding, and eventual ultrasound fat tissue dissolving in order to remove excessive fat much easier.

 In the case of liposculpture, the removed fat is processed and then injected back in areas where necessary.

Recovery and results

The recovery period depends on the size of treated area and the amount of extracted or transferred fat.

In the post operative period, it is necessary to wear special suspensors in most cases, during the following days.

It is required to avoid hard physical activities, sauna, and spending time in hot places for a few weeks after the procedure.

Final results are visible within few weeks to few months after the procedure, depending on the kind of the procedure and swelling.

 Possible complications

Swelling and bruises and temporary changes in skin sensibility may occur.

There is a risk of uneven skin appearance so early postoperative massage and lymph-drainage is recommended.

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Dr Vladimir Stojiljkovic

Mr sc. med. Vladimir B. Stojiljkovic is a pioneer in regenerative surgery in our country – with scientifically based approach he gained a lot of experience in fat transfer, stem cells and growth factors extracted from thrombocyte enriched plasma. Hi was first in our country to do a natural breast enhancement, using patients own fat tissue and BRAVA method for enlargement.

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