Allergan – Juvederm and Botox

Vladimir B. Stojiljkovic, MD – a plastic, reconstructive and aesthetic surgeon certified as a national trainer by the Allergan Company for Juvederm hyaluronic acid fillers, Botox and Vistabel, with rich experience in more than 30 conducted workshops and more than 200 certified physicians.

Educations are conducted for medical and dentist specialists and are held on a monthly basis in arrangements made with the Allergan Company, in compliance with the internationally certified programme of the Allergan Institute. Workshops are held on a full day basis and imply “hands on training”.

During education, participants gain knowledge on how to inject Juvederm fillers according to the most recent MD codes programme, created by MD Mauricio de Maio. Beside this, all participants gain practical knowledge in application of Botulinum toxin according to the international Allergan education programme. 

All participants will receive certificates of completed course.



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